HARGA Rp.3.100.000


–   Real Time 4WD – Shaft driven 4WD system gives you the most efficient drive train compared to other methods.

  • New Futaba Radio System – Equipped with a reliable Futaba KT-6 Radio and KS-101BK Servos.
  • Universal Swing Shafts – Equipped with Front Universal Swing Shats.
  • Fully Adjustable – Turnbuckle tie-rods for steering rod and rear upper arms for fully adjustable alignment.
  • Tuned Suspension – Double wishbone suspension provides the perfect combination of durability and response
  • Aluminum Body Shocks – Equipped with 4 oil filled aluminum bodied shocks, for maximum tenability.
  • GXR15 – Loaded with GXR15 engine with slide carburetor fitted with slow idle adjustment and return spring.
  • Full Ball Bearings – High-efficiency full bearing specifications include a total of 22 ball bearings.
  • Kyosho Proven – KYOSHO’s proven center-shaft drive 4WD provides light control response.
  • No Problem – Unique compact recoil starter without one-way clutch for lower resistance starts the engine with a pull on the starter cord.
  • Tuned Muffler – Fitted with tuned muffler and large air filter.
  • Easy Tune – Equipped with threaded aluminum shocks to allow easy adjustment of spring tension. Delivers increased setting freedom and reliable damping effect to the finish.
  • V One RRR Influenced – Full application of Kyosho’s World Championship winning racing technology such as the adoption of rear hubs from the World Champion V-ONE RRR provides exceptional stability and control.

Ready Set Contents:

  • Fully-assembled chassis complete with pre-set control linkages
  • Pre-mounted GXR15 engine with recoil starter
  • Special manifold and muffler
  • Finished pre-cut body complete with paint and stickers applied
  • Futaba KT-6 Transmitter
  • Plug heater
  • Fuel Bottle

Required For Operation:

  • 12 AA-size batteries for R/C system
  • 2 D-size batteries for glow igniter
  • RC Fuel


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